We know when campaigns and organizations have authentic and compelling storytellers, they can increase turnout in the short-term and reshape the narrative landscape over the long-term.

That’s why we created this showcase, so we can share content that’s been tested and shown to have strong mobilization effects with key audiences. Videos that inspire people to mobilize and take action.

As creatives and electoral strategists, we believe in making authentic content for the communities we come from, the same communities that we know we need to reach and inspire to build a better future together. With Election Day just around the corner, it’s important that we share what’s been proven to be effective and that’s why we’re making it available to you. Just click on any of the ads, and you’ll be able to download and share.

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Small Business

We need a new normal. One with leaders with compassion and expertise. We Deserve Better.

Happy Ballot

Make. A. Plan. Vote. Early

Ding Ding

The way we change the future is by participating in it. Be A Voter.

Hard Work

The American Dream belongs to all of us. Vote Your Power.

Walking Heroes

Make A Plan. Vote Early. Vote Your Power.


Life is full of difficult choices. This isn’t one of them.

Next Day

We’re all part of this country’s story. What happens next is up to you.

One Voice

Junto somos este pais. Vote.


For everyone tired of leaders trying to divide us. It matters now, more than ever. Be A Voter.

My Turn

Now, it’s our turn. To build a better future. We have the power.

We Belong

We can and we must ensure that this year’s election turns into policy and protection for generations to come.

La Dona

Junto Somos Powerful. Vote.

Essential Voters

Together we can build a better future. Our Vote is essential.

See You On The Court

Make A Plan. Vote Early. Be A Voter.

My First Time

We all remember our first time voting. 

Physician Assistant

We Count on Us. Together We Can Build a Better Future. Let’s Vote our Power.

The Winning Vote

Your Vote Matters. Write the Next Chapter. Be A Voter

Barbershop Politics

Real Talk. We can afford this joke any longer. Vote.


Vote for our Communities, For Future Generations, and to Protect Our Democracy.