Bring the Movement to the Ballot Box – Art Series

“Vote Early For…”

“I wanted people to look at these pieces and have the opportunity to reflect on the fact that at this point, any Black person could be killed by the cops any day, with them never seeing any sort of justice. Immigrants facing struggles with ICE aren’t just part of one ethnic group. ALL of us are affected by the issues facing the United States Postal Service. This upcoming election isn’t just about us as individuals, but us as a society. Vote early! “

Amanda Leigh | Baltimore, MD

IG: @leigh.corbett

“Get Free”

“For this design it was important to capture the energy of now. We are in urgent times and the art must reflect that.” This release coincides with the Black National Convention taking place Friday, August 28, and 8.28 is also the 57th Anniversary of the March on Washington.

Neka King | Atlanta, GA


“Skip The Line”

“My art comes in multiple different mediums and is usually lighthearted. We all need safe voting in this upcoming election and voting by mail is the safest way to do that.”

Taylor Augusta | Atlanta, GA

IG: @tayloraugusta

Not us, not the planet, not the oceans, not the animals can afford another four years of climate denial and ecological devastation. We need bold action on climate NOW. Climate change is a racial justice issue.

Favianna Rodriguez | Oakland, CA

IG: @Favianna1

“This piece is done in the style of renowned Salvadoran artist Fernando Llort. As a Salvadoran-American, it’s not lost on me that so many current detainees are Salvadoran. It also felt very important to introduce Queer people in this style because I had never seen it done before, and it’s vital that we bring visibility to the fact that many immigrants belong to the Queer community.”

Lani Rodriguez | Bay Area