New York Fracking Ads

The massive expansion of fracking has galvanized a wave of grassroots activism to ban, delay, and restrict the practice in communities across the country. And with good reason. Fracking--short for hydraulic fracturing, a drilling technique that injects huge amounts of pressurized water and chemicals into the ground to release trapped fossil fuels--has been shown to bring water and air pollution, destructive industrialization, and only fleeting economic benefits. And while many fracking proponents tout natural gas as a cleaner alternative to coal, the climate benefits of fracking for gas remain hugely uncertain, not least because of the methane that leaks out in the process. 

Some of the most impactful anti-fracking campaigning has happened in New York State, where landowners, artists, environmentalists, and other concerned citizens have fought for several years to resist the introduction of fracking to their state. At the CEL Climate Lab, we've been inspired by the New York campaign, so when we saw an opportunity to help out, we jumped at the chance.  

At a crucial juncture in the New York campaign, CEL Climate Lab produced two television ads highlighting the pollution and economic concerns around fracking by bringing in the voices of real people from Pennsylvania who have been impacted by fracking. We then partnered with New Yorkers Against Fracking and Food and Water Watch to run the ads in key media markets. 

The ads were guided by two core CEL Climate Lab principles: We believe in the power of storytelling, and we always strive to lift up the voices of people affected by climate change and fossil fuel development.