Climate Silence

The Climate Silence campaign launched in September of 2012 to address the glaring refusal by both presidential candidates to discuss the climate crisis. With the help of numerous partners and thousands of engaged citizens, the campaign helped make Climate Silence a defining frame in the national media narrative, leading to dozens of news stories criticizing the candidates for ignoring climate change, and providing a strong foundation for post-election advocacy.

The Climate Silence campaign recognized that the political media wanted to talk about climate change, but needed an angle for doing so. We filled the gap with detailed research, hard-hitting content, and rapid-response organizing. Working closely with partners like Friends of the Earth Action, Public Citizen, Energy Action Coalition, the National Wildlife Federation, and Chesapeake Climate Action Network, the CEL Climate Lab made sure that both candidates were held accountable, while also drawing clear distinctions between Obama and Romney, especially in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Campaign Highlights