Climate Parents

Climate Parents is the brainchild of two parent entrepreneurs—Lisa Hoyos and Mark Hertsgaard—who are working to make fighting climate change part of every parents’ “job description.”

Almost all parents worry at some point about the kind of world they are leaving for their kids. And today’s parents are increasingly concerned about the threats posed by climate change to their children and future generations. Climate Parents harnesses that concern and turns it into action. The organization was launched to give voice to parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and anyone else concerned about the climate our children are inheriting.

Climate Parents pursues three main strategies to create a safe world for kids today, and down the road:

1) Cultural Organizing -- Climate Parents looks for cultural opportunities to help parents connect to climate issues and bring climate change into existing parent spaces and narratives.  

2) Fighting Fossil Fuels -- Climate Parents opposes fossil fuel development at a local and national level. Burning fossil fuels, especially coal, not only increases toxic mercury poisoning and asthma-causing pollution for kids today, it worsens global warming for decades to come.

3) Protecting Climate Education -- Climate Parents advocates to make sure today’s science curriculum reflects the latest understanding of climate change, and fights back against those who seek to make climate education a partisan issue.

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