Climate Relief Fund

Climate disasters are changing everything.  During the past several years, the world has been beset by a stream of hotter heat waves, more intense storms, longer droughts, earlier wildfires, and other extreme weather events fueled by our use of fossil fuels. These destructive phenomena represent unprecedented opportunities to show that climate change is endangering our communities, our economies, and our lives. However, to date there has been no comprehensive strategy for climate disaster response. As a movement, we are watching a series of predictable, powerful organizing moments go by with no clear plan for how we should respond.  

The CEL Climate Lab is creating the Climate Relief Fund to address this gap. The Fund will bring together multiple organizations to raise money for the victims of climate disasters. In the process of distributing relief funds, we'll also identify spokespeople from impacted communities who can communicate about destructiveness of climate change first-hand. 

The idea for the Fund emerged from several experiments conducted by CEL Climate Lab project Forecast the Facts. These included fundraising in response to Hurricane Sandy, the Oklahoma tornadoes, and the Boulder floods, and collaboration with Sandy survivors to call on President Obama for urgent climate action.