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Misha Palin

Operations Manager and The Lab Director

Michelle "Misha" Palin loves to make awesome organizations more awesome. A combination of sociology, creative expression, and social change has inspired her career and volunteerism for over two decades. 

Misha's interests have led her to support many organizations dedicated to social change, including public health, alternative medicine, and the arts. She was honored to work on the largest social research study for understanding the spread of HIV/AIDS in the late 90s, while also playing a key role in organizing El Dia de Los Muertos/The Day of the Dead in San Francisco. Misha helped start the largest alternative medical practice in Santa Cruz. She also co-produced a very successful theatrical fundraiser for The 418 Project, a central meeting space for dance and performance.

She is obsessed with inquiry-based transformation and serves as a life coach, communication educator, and community builder. She employs her knowledge of perception styles, emotional intelligence, sociology/psychology, body language, and communication techniques in all of her endeavors.