Open Call

The Open Call Application is due October 3rd at 5pm PDT.

Citizen Engagement Lab helps the most innovative and inspiring entrepreneurs test new ideas, establish emerging organizations, and build the next generation of tech driven movements for social change.

Maybe you or someone you know is trying to build power for a group of people, shift public opinion on a particular issue, or design and implement a new system to solve a social problem? If so, CEL might be the right home to help get it off the ground. We provide a premier launching pad for social change entrepreneurs so they can focus on testing, pivoting and scaling their efforts while we take care of the back end infrastructure. Changing the world is hard enough, so we make sure that early stage entrepreneurs don’t get bogged down or tripped up by all the legal, financial and operational details of running a tech-fueled social change start-up.

Each year we vet over 100 proposals and typically select less than 10 to incubate. We have a rigorous vetting process and at the end the chosen projects receive a critical suite of services and strategic support. We have tools and resources to help everything from early-stage pilots to fully-formed organizations looking to scale.

We help evaluate strengths and weaknesses, then fill in the gaps where your team needs the help. And we aren’t starting from scratch, so you won’t have to either. We pass along tips and tricks we’ve learned from the dozens of projects we’ve worked with and connect you to other successful social entrepreneurs as we build a community of trail blazing change makers through our collaboration projects.

Should I Apply?

CEL is more than an incubator, while the projects we support enter the program at different stages of development, our programs and leaders share these characteristics:

The Open Call Application is due October 3rd at 5pm PDT.

For more information about Open Call, email Jennifer Cheyne, Powerful Communities Program Manager.

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