Culture Lab

Culture is critical for creating transformational and lasting change. Citizen Engagement Lab’s Culture Lab was created to use tech-savvy strategies to fill the gap in cultural organizing. The Culture Lab develops cost-effective systems and resources to help changemakers leverage culture and advance social progress.

"Culture, including movies, television shows, video games, the fine arts and more, reaches and influences the beliefs and behaviors of millions of people. CEL’s Culture Lab develops top line expertise, strategies, and technology-based services to help advocates for equity, democracy, and sustainability leverage the power of popular entertainment."



Culture Lab provides a range of services and products for the social change field, including:

CO-PRODUCING Just Films Documentaries and Social Change pilot training program to increase staff expertise in the use of documentaries in order to boost attention to issues and increase the influence of campaigns.

Click here to download the Culture Lab's new resource guide for advocates, "Harnessing Documentaries for Social Change." The report details the why's and how’s of engaging with visual storytelling in order to boost attention to issues, engage audiences more deeply, and increase the influence of campaigns.

PROTOTYPING a service that tracks, analyzes and provides actionable insights around pop culture news, debates and audiences.

OFFERING field audits for issue-based sectors on the current state of their culture change engagement-- experiences, limits, needs and recommendations--that helps them identify opportunities, inform investments, and develop next steps.

PRODUCING a series of online products and activities that provides intelligence around cultural trends and increases understanding and testing of cultural strategies.


Tracy Van Slyke | | @tracyvs